Isntruction: How to connect to JINR`s WiFi.


This instruction describes required actions to connect personal devices (smartphone, notepad ,notebook and e.t.c.) to JINR`s WIFI.

Initial connection

For initial connection you must pass registarion on If you connect to JINR`s WIFI (connections jinr, dubna, gril) from unregistred device and use web-browser you will be automatically redirected to authorisation page.

To begin registration choose Guest registration.


Required fields have red color and whith entered valid data they change it to green. To field Login enter desired login (must contain only latin letters, numbers and should be more than 6 symbols long). At field Password enter desired password (length more than 6 symbols, contain atleast one uppercase latin letter, lowercase latin letter, number or symbol from list: "!@#$%^&*?_~-"). Repeat entered password into field Confirm password. To field First name enter first name, to field Last Name - last name. Field Email optional, but it required for password recovery. To field Type Number enter number from picture above it (for example it 6432), in case if you can`t read number or problem with entered number try use button Reload near picture, to generate new code.

Keep in mind login and password !!! You will need them for registering other devices or problems with connection.

After eneting valid data to all required fields press button Submit.

You will be redirected to page of current device registration.

Registration will take like 40 seconds. When it done page will be changed to:

Congratulations, you connected to JINR`s WIFI and can use its resources !

Password recovery

To recover password use link Forgot password at authorisation page. You will be redirected to next page:

Enter to field Enter registered email email adress which you entered at registration or other from yours profile at If entered valid email adress you will recive mail to it with link to page where can enter new password.